Group Members

Karsten Heeger

Professor of Physics
Chair Physics Department
Director, Wright Laboratory

WL 214 / SPL 34
Research Website

Member of the CUORE Executive Board

Reina Maruyama

Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Current Speakers’ Board Member
Former Chair of Council

WL 209
Research Website

Chair of the CUORE Council
Former member of the CUORE Physics Board

Pranava Teja Surukuchi

Postdoctoral Associate
Outreach Coordinator on the Physics Board of the CUPID Collaboration
Past member of vetting board on CUORE

WLC 254D

Jorge Torres

Postdoctoral Associate

WLC 254D

Tom Wise

Visiting Research Scientist


James Nikkel

Research Scientist

WL 203

Penny Slocum

Associate Research Scientist in Physics

WL 204

James Wilhelmi

Research Support Specialist

WL 241

Samantha Pagan

Graduate Student

WLC 254

Ridge Liu

Graduate Student

WLC 254

Iris Ponce

Graduate Student

WLC 254A

Andrew Zheng

Undergraduate Researcher

WLC 254

Former members

Name Former Position Where are They Now?
Danielle Speller Postdoctoral Associate Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins
Christopher Davis Graduate Student Senior Data Scientist at CarMax
Jeremy Cushman Graduate Student Software Engineer at Optimus Ride
Katherine Melbourne Undergraduate Researcher Associate Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace
Neal Ma Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate at Yale University
Caitlin Gainey Undergraduate Researcher Undergraduate at Yale University
Suryabrata Dutta Undergraduate Researcher Lead Data Engineer at McMaster-Carr
Gabe Hoshino Undergraduate Researcher Graduate Student at University of Chicago